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Free Events – Lecture, Symposium, and Workshops

At the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, over the days of April 27, 28, and 29 there will be three separate free events on ecomuseums.

On April 27th Regina will host the first event, an  ‘Ecomuseums Today: Lecture’ at 7 in the evening with René Rivard FCMA, CULTURA bureau d’études, who has over 45 years experience working with ecomuseums. Registration is not necessary and it is free for the public to attend. 


The next event on the 28th will be an all day ‘Ecomuseums Symposium.’ The morning will consist of five presentations and the afternoon will include updates from the surrounding area ecomuseums and roundtable discussions. It is free but you need to register by email or call 306-787-2859.

Then, on the 29th, there will be another all day event, an ‘Ecomuseums workshop.’ Douglas Worts will lead a sustainability planning workshop. This event is also free but you need to register by email or call 306-787-2859.

Saskatchewan Ecomuseums

The Saskatchewan Ecomuseums are active in this area and the subject and focus of these events. Through these events, it is hoped that there will be added benefit to the networking and planning of events for these ecomuseums allowing growth to the ecomuseum model.

The Saskatchewan community was interested in the ecomuseum model during its first phase of flourishing in Europe. It was not until 2011 that true momentum for the establishment of an ecomuseum took hold. In 2011, The Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) reached out to the community to see if there was significant interest in such a project. There was interest from 15 locations throughout the province. Alongside the RSM was the Heritage Saskatchewan organization that had begun their own research into the broader scope of heritage and eventually published Living Heritage by Sandra Massey. MAS published other case studies on ecomuseums in Museum and Sustainability – Social Sustainability

Saskatchewan Ecomuseums Initiative (SEI)

The Saskatchewan Ecomuseums Initiative (SEI) was established in 2012. Participation in SEI is a focus of a larger initiative, the Museums Association of SK’s Museums & Sustainability. At the end of February 2013, Regina held a workshop. Here the first group of stakeholders and interested community members came together. Through the workshop, this group developed an Ecomuseum Planning Framework. That plan is available here

In May of 2014 SEI held another symposium hosted by Glenn Sutter, RSM Curator of Human Ecology. Proceedings of that symposium are available here.

The current SEI Steering Committee is chaired by the RSM and includes Heritage Saskatchewan (HS), Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS), SaskCulture, Heritage Canada the National Trust (HCNT), and Raven Consortium Inc., (an association of First Nations consultants). Interested communities in the ecomuseum initiative include Val Marie, Nipawin, North Central Regina, Wolseley, and Katepwa. They are all exploring their potential demonstration sites. These sites include rural prairies, boreal fringe communities, and an inner city neighborhood. They all include a focus on First Nations heritage.


Kevin Power and guest Glenn Sutter hosted a podcast. Other members of the SEI join the podcast as well. They explore the “living heritage” of the Ecomuseum. These discussions unfolded during Heritage Week in February 2015 when an Ecomuseum Symposium was held.

The podcast is titled “SaskScapes by Saskculture.” The downloadable episode is #47 “SaskScapes – The Ecomuseums of Saskatchewan,” available in the Apple iTunes store. The full-length episode is freely available on soundcloud (below).  A 15-minute micro version of the episode is available here.

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