Trentino Ecomuseums Network – Italy

The Trentino Ecomuseums Network, Ecomusei Trentino, unites 8 ecomuseums all located in the northern autonomous province of Trento, or Trentino in Italy. The country of Italy is divided into autonomous provinces. Ecomuseums have flourished the most in the northern and central provinces. The southern and island provinces are increasingly seeing an uptick in ecomuseum examples and growth. Networks are a crucial strategy used by ecomuseums across the globe and especially in Europe. Go here for more information about ecomuseums and networks. The province has over 200 municipalities with a total population of over 500,000. Trentino is a mountainous province with the Dolomites, which are part of the Alps, crossing through the region.

The Network was first established under a project titled “Worlds of Trentino Local.” The projected concluded in May 2011. At that time there were seven ecomuseums in the network and the eighth was added in October 2012. The goals of the Network are to coordinate resource sharing, enable mutual support, create opportunities for exchange of experiences, and be a tool for dialogue.

The project carried out community mapping activities. These maps sought to analyze and interpret the land through the eyes of the community who lives there. Participation was key in the construction of these maps. The mapping was carried out in varying manners among the producing different outcomes that distinguished the differences of the ecomuseum communities.

The Trentino ecomuseums

Below is the list of the 8 ecomuseums making up the Network.

1. Ecomuseo Argentario, headquartered in the town of Civezzano. 

2. Ecomuseuo Valsugana, based in the town of Strigno

3. Ecomuseo della Val di Peio, based in the town of Celentino di Peio

4. Ecomuseo della Judicaria, based in the town of Comune di Bleggio Inferiore

5. Ecomuseo del Vanoi, based in the town of Canal San Bovo

6. Ecomuseo del Lagorai, based in the town of Telve

7. Ecomuseo del Tesino, based in the town of Pieve Tesino

8. Ecomuseum of the Valley of Churches / Ecomuseo Valle del Chiese, based in the town of Condino

Trentino Ecomuseums Network locations.


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